Birthday Wishes


This birthday, I know I am blessed.
I am thankful.
I am in need of nothing.
Even my wants are provided for.

It was so great to celebrate together with some of my oldest friends, and some of the newest. I’m so thankful for what each of you mean and how God has brought us together at different seasons of life.

So here are my two biggest Birthday WISHES…

Wish #1
For these children to have a home! We are almost there! I’m thankful for the friends, family and strangers that God has brought together to make this happen. So amazing to see the power of being united for a purpose bigger than ourselves! Not statistics, not just names, not just another need in the world. They are kids who sing with joy and dance like other children. They pray passionately, they love hugs, they laugh and play. They have futures that can be transformed and hopes & dreams that can be fulfilled. (If you haven’t been able to give yet, or you missed the party – there’s still time! You can give online:

Wish #2
For you, (yes you, my friend) to fully know the love, grace, forgiveness, peace, purpose, and hope found in the journey of following Jesus. Not religion, not going to church, not tradition – just Jesus. We need Him. He invites each of us into a relationship with the God that created us. He loves us & pursues us. Not to give us rules, but to give us life. Do you know Him?


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